Tıkla Ara

Reflexology is a form of treatment that aims to eliminate the problems in the organs associated with the points by opening the blocked energy pathways by applying pressure to the reflex points, especially in the feet, hands and ears.
With its history dating back to 5000 years ago, reflexology first appeared in China. Reflexology massage is a form of treatment that originated in Far Eastern cultures.

In reflexology practice, the left foot represents the left part of the body and the right foot represents the right part of the body. This is taken into account when treatment is to be administered.

Foot reflexology is an important form of treatment in terms of reducing our complaints and supporting our treatment process by concentrating on certain points on our feet. Being the first and oldest treatment method that comes to mind when it comes to foot massage techniques, it has developed over the years and increased the effectiveness of the treatment. The flow of energy is provided by determining the right points on the feet, hands and ears and transmitting this flow to the relevant organs.

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