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Reflexology is a form of treatment that aims to eliminate the problems in the organs associated with the points by opening the blocked energy pathways by applying pressure to the reflex points, especially in the feet, hands and ears.
With its history dating back to 5000 years ago, reflexology first appeared in China. Reflexology massage is a form of treatment that originated in Far Eastern cultures.

In reflexology practice, the left foot represents the left part of the body and the right foot represents the right part of the body. This is taken into account when treatment is to be administered.

Foot reflexology is an important form of treatment in terms of reducing our complaints and supporting our treatment process by concentrating on certain points on our feet. Being the first and oldest treatment method that comes to mind when it comes to foot massage techniques, it has developed over the years and increased the effectiveness of the treatment. The flow of energy is provided by determining the right points on the feet, hands and ears and transmitting this flow to the relevant organs.

Reflexology Points?

Reflexology works in connection with the central nervous system. Generally, each reflex point on the foot stimulates a different organ. This stimulation is aimed at eliminating the discomfort in the related organ. E.g; The junction points of the second and third toes on the foot are connected with the eye. Complaints such as pain and fatigue felt in the eyes can be eliminated by targeting these areas in reflexology massage. This pressure on the toes transmits the energy flow to the eyes with the nervous system.

The middle part of the foot, the inner side, transmits the signal directly to the brain. Therefore, when dealing with problems such as stress, ligament pain, anxiety, massage should be done by concentrating on these areas in reflexology massage. Reflexology techniques are completely designed by determining the areas to be stimulated in the foot regions according to the reflexology foot map. Reflexology massage techniques can be varied according to the person’s complaint and treatment desire, and the reflexology foot map is a guide for this.

Reflexology Practice?

The area where reflexology massage is applied is similar to other massage applications. The important thing here is that the person sits or lies in a comfortable place, in a suitable area where he or she can relax and feel the effects of the treatment, as there are hands and feet.

The person who comes with various complaints such as panic attacks, depression, chronic headache should convey their problems to the reflexology specialist and accordingly, appropriate reflex points should be determined and treatment should be carried out.

Determining the correct reflex points is paramount. Based on the foot size, we know that there are many reflex points and choosing the right reflex point is the most important starting criterion in reflexology massage.

After the reflex points are determined on the feet and hands, the reflexologist starts to apply pressure at certain intensities. Different points can also be stimulated for a holistic treatment. The nervous system is stimulated in this process and this pressure is transmitted to the organs, which forms the basis of reflexology techniques.


Reflexology is frequently used as a form of supportive treatment especially in neurological disorders, physical disorders such as neck pain and low back pain, psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, gynecological diseases and even sexual health related disorders.

Based on the connection of the hand, foot and ear areas with the central nervous system and organs, a personalized treatment setup is created and the reflexology specialist applies the massage in this direction.

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