Tıkla Ara

There are many benefits that a sports massage can provide to both professional athletes and any person who exercises daily.

It relaxes the muscles.
It fights fatigue.
It reduces swelling around your joints.
It improves circulation and the immune system, so the body renews itself faster.
It increases your body resistance and flexibility.
It slows the heartbeat and lowers blood pressure.
It helps your body recover faster after a heavy workout.
It helps to prevent injury by reducing the tension in the muscles.

Apart from these, sports massage can read the body and see the points where there are sensitive tissues or weak muscles, and it strengthens these areas and prevents them from being damaged. Some people even believe that the boundaries of athletes participating in competitions are expanding.

Although sports massage was originally developed for people who challenge themselves with heavy exercises, anyone can take this therapy in their daily life. If you run around small children all day or have a physically demanding job; A regular sports massage can help you. Sports massage can also be offered as a rehabilitation program to people with disabilities.

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