Tıkla Ara

Medical massage is a type of massage that aims to reproduce the mechanical and reflex effects. Medical massage must be applied for therapeutic purposes only. The treatment method here is intense pain in the muscles. Medical massage is an additional form of treatment that can be used as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment in cases of illness and injury, to relieve pain and reduce stress, to aid soft tissue healing, and as a collaborative and supportive way to revitalize the body. Research has shown that medical massage techniques can be used for stress, anxiety, depression, pain control, digestive system diseases, overuse and repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, chronic lung diseases, etc. proved to be useful in such cases. In addition to these, medical massage regulates blood circulation and slows down the heart rate. Regular medical massage strengthens the immune system by increasing the white blood cells known as white cells in the blood. It ensures that the blood flow in the veins is stopped and the edema formed in the body is eliminated.

Approximately 7000 of the nerve endings in our body are located on the soles of our feet. Our feet are also where all nerve endings end. With the reflexology massage, the energy and blood flow trapped in certain parts of our body are activated and the body’s self-healing instinct is triggered.

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